Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's for dinner?

Me - "Hi, honey. So glad you are home!"

Paul - "What's for dinner?"

Me - "What would you like?"

Paul - "Um, isn't it ready yet?"

Me - "No, it is only 4 pm."

Every single day. No matter what. This is our conversation. The first thing Paul want to know when he gets home is what are we having for dinner. Just once I would like to hear "How was you day? How are you? " But no.... Never going to happen.

I have a plan. I am going to say something new as a response to the every present question of "What's for dinner?"

My responses

-- Food

-- I don't know, what are you making?

-- Placenta (you know -- just to see if he is really listening)

-- We are eating like babies tonight -- formula and cheerios.

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