Thursday, April 30, 2009


We (as in Paul, Madilynn, Quinton and I) are leaving for Disneyland in exactly one week. I am so excited for my two oldest children to experience the magic that is Disney. But at the same time I am scared to death to leave the twins. Landon and Preston are going to stay home and my neice and two best friends are going to take shifts in watching them. I know that these three ladies are going to do a wonderful job caring for them and they love my kids as if they were their own. But it is still going to be hard for me to leave my boys for five days.

Yes, I have left them before. For my birthday this past February, I went to Eugene for a girls shopping trip. But I left the boys with my husband. Paul and I are both going this time.

Everything will be fine. But I will miss the boys terribly.

I have instructed all three ladies to not tell me if the boys do something for the first time while with them. For example -- If Landon takes his first steps while we are gone, they are to never tell me. They are to pretend (at least while in my presence) that it never happened. That way when he does it when I am around -- I can believe that it is the first time.

Sound fair to me.

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