Friday, May 1, 2009

Playdate friday

We had a playdate scheduled for today with my multiples group. It was at 10 30 am at a park downtown. We normally miss the morning playdates because Madilynn gets out of Kindergarten at 10 40am. But there was no school today. The boys normally go down for their morning nap at 9 am. But I figured I would just wake them up early.

It took me 20 minutes to convince the 3 year old (Quinton) that he had to wear pants and it was too chilly for shorts. Then Madilynn decided that she wanted to dress as sleeping beauty for the day. It was 10 15 am before I even got in to wake up the twins. But I did, and by 10 40 am we were out the door. I was so impressed with myself for only being a few minutes behind!

We walk out the door, and the rain starts coming down. The sky was blue and sunny! And it was raining.

But I had all my kids dressed, the diaper bag packed, everything ready to go. So we went to the mall instead. But of course, since school was out and it was raining, every other kid in town was at the mall play area.

But we got out of the house.

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