Thursday, May 21, 2009

The best day!

It was a beautiful day here in Southern Oregon. When the twins went down for their morning nap we decided to go outside for a picnic. (I know our grass needs to be mowed! Paul is doing it as I type this!)

I even brought out our real picnic basket to make it a little more fun for the kiddos.

Who doesn't like to eat strawberries outside on a warm day? Well besides me because I hate strawberries.

Afterward we decided to run through the sprinklers.

It wasn't spraying too well

And the sprinkler kept falling over

I sat back and relaxed while watching the kids run around.

But the kids enjoyed it!

Then I realized why the water pressure was crap. The spout was shooting water everywhere!

So I moved the hose to the spout on the side of the house!

The kids loved the shooting water!

It was a great day!

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