Wednesday, May 13, 2009

so proud.... of myself

I have been very busy today. I am so proud of all the I accomplished with four kids under foot

-rearranged furniture in the living room (still have the familyroom todo) in preparation for the twins birthday party next weekend
-6 loads of laundry, including folding and putting away
-grocery shopping
-shopping for 5 people's birthday presents (still have 4 more people to shop for -- May is so full of birthdays)
-wrapped five previously mentioned gifts.
-hand made 18 birthday cards for birthdays in May and June

These things were in addition to my normal daily chores
- feeding and caring for 4 children
- dishes
-playing with kids

But I did cheat a little. We ordered Pizza for lunch and had leftover pizza for dinner.

You can't win them all.

Postscript - A very special Birthday shout out to my beautiful niece Silke who turned 19 on Tuesday, an adorable little boy Noah who turned 5 on Tuesday, A sweetie pie Madison who turns 6 on Thursday, my extrodinary neice Marissa who is turning 21 on Friday, my fun and crazy sister Penny who turns the big 29 next Wednesday,

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Sherrie said...

Wow...sounds like you did get a lot accomplished. I didn't get much accomplished at all...but the water being out last night didn't help either. But -- being as it's working's time to do the laundry. :)