Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I have been neglecting my blog duties this week. But i have good reasons I promise. We are leaving for Disneyland the day after tomorrow. So my days have been filled with last minute errands and packing of clothes. I cannot believe that we are finally going on vacation!

The other thing that has kept me from posting isn't as nice. Someone I know, and am very fond of, is going through a personal crisis and she needs to find the strength inside her to get through. I hope that she remembers that her family and friends love her and that is why they are doing this. It might seem mean and wrong and hurtful at the moment, but one day I hope she realizes that everyone has her and her children's best interests at heart.

That is all I can say.

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Sherrie said...

Hope you all have fun at Disneyland. Kudos to you for taking four kids. LOL! I won't dare venture to Disney World anytime soon. :)