Sunday, May 31, 2009

A new story for the books

Let me start by saying that Preston is fine.....

After dinner on Saturday, I was changing Preston and he felt warm to me, so I got our digital thermometer out and took his temp (101.7 if anyone is interested). So we gave him some Tylenol and chalked it up to having his shots a few days ago. In the mean time, Preston took the thermometer and was playing with it. Next thing I know, he was gagging. So I took the thermometer away and he stopped gagging and was fine. I look at the thermometer and the metal tip was gone! He bit off the tip of the thermometer and swallowed it!!!!!

So we call the nurses line and she tells us to go to the ER because he could aspirate it or something. By this time it was 7pm and Paul stayed home with the other 3 kids and put them to bed while I too Preston to the ER. We walk in and tell the lady at the desk what is wrong and she takes us right back. We became the freak show of the ER! No one had ever heard of this before. They didn't even know it was possible. So a ton of people came by to meet the baby that has piranha teeth. But back to the serious matter. They had to call poison control because they didn't even know what is in a digital thermometer and if it was dangerous. That came back fine -- nothing chemically bad. We got in a room and people still kept stopping in to see Preston and look at the thermometer (I brought it with us). Preston was eating up the attention. We eventually went back for an x-ray and everything was fine. It wasn't in his lungs -- they assume it is in his gut somewhere or he spit it up when I wasn't paying attention. We were in and out in an hour and a half. So big difference in treatment and attention when it is something they have never encountered before!

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Sherrie said... Leave it to boys to figure out how to bite off the tip of a digital thermometer! LOL! I'm so glad that he is okay! I guess I better watch my thermometers more closely. ;)