Wednesday, May 20, 2009

pulling weeds

I am having a big birthday party for the twins on Saturday. I really really want to thank all those people that have helped us survive this last year. So we are having a party with a cat in the hat theme. I have a bounce house, a ball pit, tons of outdoor toys, each kid gets to make a crown, lots of food, etc etc etc. It is going to be 80 degrees so the weather will be perfect for the outdoor party.

The problem -- my side yard is rock and is completely overgrown with weeds!
(not my picture but you get the idea)*

So I decided while Madilynn and Quinton were outside playing today, I would attempt to tackle the weeds. I got a lot pulled but had to quit after about 20 minutes when I started sneezing constantly! I still am sneezing. I. Can. Not. Stop.

Any suggestions for something that will help but won't put me to sleep?

*BTW, search for weed images in photobucket -- interesting.....

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